Monday, February 13, 2012


                In ancient time Raga system was not there and the prevailing Music all over India was Grama-Moorchana Jathi system. This system exsisted until 13th century. Narada the author of “Sangeeth Makarand” introduced Raga-Ragini system instead of Grama-Moorchana- Jathi  system. This system was adopted by the other Musicians who were involved in Music after Narad. Although great Musicians such as Lochan, Ahobal, Hirdaya Narayan and others introduced Thaata Raga system. Raga-Ragini system was so popular and remained alive  until 19th century.
                                                                 The writers of Raga-Ragini system classified their Ragas in to Raga-Ragini-Puthra Raga and Puthra-Bandhu. They divided about 1000 Ragas to the above catogaries which prevailed at the time. There were Four schools at the time which followed this system. They are as follows.
                     1 . Someshwar school
                     2 . Bharat school
                     3 . Kallinath school  and
                     4 . Hanumath school
                                                                  In those schools the manner, they classified Raga-Raginies were different during the Moughal Regina this system was accepted very highly.
                                                                  In 1813 a nobel musician from Patna, declared that Raga-ragini system is unscientific and meaningless. His name was Mohammad Raza. He introduced Six ragas and 36 Raginis under them, which consist 6 Raginis in each Ragas. In the 20th century Pandith Bhatkhande proved even the system of Mohammad Raza is also unscientific introduced Thaata-Raga system.

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